June 21, 1841, Bloomfield, Merrion, County Dublin, Ireland.

June 20, 1923, Oakland, California.

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California.

Charitie was the daughter of Sid­ney Smith, Rector of Drum­ragh, County Ty­rone, Ire­land, and wife of Ar­thur E. Ban­croft (married 1869).

Her hymns appeared in Lyra Brit­an­ni­ca, Bishop Ryle’s Spiritual Songs, in other collections, and as leaflets. Her works include:

  1. Before the Throne of God Above
  2. He Comes in Blood Stained Garments
  3. King of Glory Standeth, The
  4. Lord, I Desire to Live as One
  5. O for the Robes of Whiteness

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