Thomas Baldwinportrait

December 23, 1753, Bozrah, Connecticut.

August 29, 1825, Waterville, Maine.

Originally at the Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts. Moved in 1852 to Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For some time Baldwin was a member of the Connecticut state legislature. In 1783, he was ordained to the Baptist ministry, and from 1790 until his death, he was pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. Almighty Savior, Here We Stand
  2. Come, See the Place Where the Lord Lay
  3. From Whence Doth This Union Arise?
  4. Go, Ye Heralds of Salvation
  5. See That Ship, Her Sails Now Bending
  6. ’Tis First of All Thyself to Know
  7. Ye Happy Saints, the Lamb Adore
  8. Union, The