No­vem­ber 26, 1832, Thur­mont, Mar­y­land.

Jan­u­ary 16, 1893, Ann­ville, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Charles Ev­ans Ce­me­te­ry, Read­ing, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Baltzell was the hus­band of Ce­cil­ia C. James.

He was con­vert­ed and joined the Unit­ed Breth­ren Church in 1847, was li­censed to preach by the Virg­in­ia Con­fer­ence in 1854, and or­dained in 1856. In 1862 he joined the Penn­syl­van­ia Con­fer­ence, and in 1868 trans­ferred his mem­ber­ship to the East Penn­syl­van­ia Con­fer­ence, to which he now be­longs. He was pre­siding el­der from 1875 to 1880, and from 1883 to 1889. He has been a del­e­gate to three Gen­er­al Con­fer­en­ces, and was at one time a trus­tee of Ot­ter­bein Un­i­ver­si­ty. In 1873 he was ap­point­ed by the Gen­er­al Con­fer­ence a mem­ber of the com­mit­tee to su­per­in­tend the pub­li­ca­tion of Hymns for the Sanc­tu­ary.

Shuey, pp. 243–44

Baltzell’s works in­clude:

  1. Almost Per­suad­ed to Leave the Ways of Sin
  2. Birdlings Sang Their Ear­ly Notes, The
  3. Blessed Are the Faith­ful, Watch­ing for the Lord
  4. Blessed Je­sus, I Would Ev­er Be
  5. Come, Lit­tle Sol­diers
  6. Gone! Gone! Dead and Gone!
  7. Good News Come o’er the Sea
  8. Hallelujah, Je­sus Saves Me
  9. Hark, the An­gel­ic Song from the Re­gions Afar!
  10. Ho, Ev­ery­one Who Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  11. How Long, O How Long?
  12. I Am the Way, O Hear Ye the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  13. I Am Wea­ry of Earth
  14. I Have Found Re­dem­ption in the Sav­ior’s Blood
  15. I Long for That Beau­ti­ful Home ov­er There
  16. I Love to Think of My Heav’n­ly Home
  17. I Once Was a Stran­ger to Grace and to God
  18. I See the Bright Light
  19. I Want to Be a Work­er
  20. I Will Watch and Wait for the Morn­ing’s Dawn
  21. I’ll Sing of a Theme Most Sub­lime
  22. I’m Going Yon­der Bright Glo­ry
  23. I’m Near­ing the Gates of the Ci­ty
  24. I’m Sweep­ing To­ward the Gold­en Gate
  25. Jesus Calls, Dear Child­ren, Come to Me and Live
  26. Jesus Died on the Tree
  27. Jesus, I Come to Thee, Just as I Am
  28. Jesus Is Rea­dy to Save You
  29. Lo! Our Ves­sel’s on the Ocean
  30. Look Ev­er to Je­sus
  31. March to Bat­tle Ev­er Firm
  32. Marching On­ward
  33. Merry the Hearts That Have Ga­thered To­day
  34. Murmur Not, My Soul
  35. My On­ly Hope Is in Je­sus
  36. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  37. Now Be­gin the Heav’n­ly Race
  38. O Bro­ther, Go to Je­sus
  39. O Bro­ther, This World Is a Vine­yard
  40. O, Come to the Sav­ior To­day
  41. O Come To­day to the Foun­tain
  42. O How Bless­ed Is the Ser­vice of the Lord
  43. O Je­sus, Sav­ior, I Long to Rest
  44. O Sin­ner, the Sav­ior Is Call­ing
  45. O Wea­ry Wan­der­er
  46. Oh Come, Lit­tle Child­ren
  47. Oh, Full Sal­va­tion
  48. Oh, How Hap­py I Feel as I Gaze
  49. Oh, Re­demp­tion’s Won­drous Sto­ry
  50. On the Shore Be­side the Sea
  51. Only a Pen­ny, but Who Shall De­clare
  52. Over the Ri­ver, the Ri­ver of Time
  53. Praise the Lord, Je­ho­vah
  54. Praise Ye the Lord, Praise
  55. Precious Je­sus, I Am Com­ing
  56. Ready to Go
  57. Ring Out the Sweet Notes
  58. Savior, at the Cross I’m Bend­ing
  59. Savior, at the Cross I’m Wait­ing
  60. Say Not, O Chris­tian Reap­er
  61. Scarcely Saved, O What a Word
  62. See the Migh­ty Hosts of Zi­on Ga­ther­ing
  63. Shall We Meet Be­yond the Ri­ver
  64. Sinner, the Ban­quet Is Wait­ing
  65. Take My Heart, Dear Je­sus
  66. Take My Heart, Dear Lord
  67. There Is Rest for the Soul
  68. There’s a Glo­ri­ous King­dom
  69. There’s a Place Where My Loved Ones Are Gone
  70. This Fes­tiv­al Day We’ll Be Hap­py and Gay
  71. Today the Sav­ior Calls
  72. We Are Com­ing
  73. We Are on Our Jour­ney Home­ward
  74. We Are Sail­ing on the Old Ship of Zi­on
  75. We Love to Sing To­ge­ther
  76. We Some­times Speak of a Sad, Still Hour
  77. Weary Souls That Wan­der Wide
  78. We’ll All Ga­ther Home in the Morn­ing
  79. We’re a Hap­py Pil­grim Band
  80. We’re Com­ing, We’re Com­ing, Dear Sav­ior
  81. When the Clouds Are Ga­ther­ing o’er Thee
  82. When the Storm in Its Fu­ry on Gal­i­lee Fell
  83. When the Tem­pest High Is Rag­ing as I Sail
  84. When This Fit­ful Life Is Ov­er
  85. When We All Ga­ther Home in the Morn­ing
  86. Which Way Are You Go­ing, My Bro­ther?
  87. Who Came to Earth to Die
  88. Whosoever Will, O Hear the Joy­ful Sound
  1. Are You Rea­dy for His Com­ing?
  2. Castellón
  3. Garnered Sheaves
  4. No Room in Hea­ven
  5. Salto
  6. Wonderful Grace