Isaiah Baltzell (1832-1893)

November 26, 1832, Thurmont, Maryland.

January 16, 1893, Annville, Pennsylvania.

Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pennsylvania.

Baltzell’s works include:

  1. Almost Persuaded to Leave the Ways of Sin
  2. Birdlings Sang Their Early Notes, The
  3. Blessed Are the Faithful, Watching for the Lord
  4. Blessed Jesus, I Would Ever Be
  5. Come, Little Soldiers
  6. Missionary’s Farewell
  7. Gone! Gone! Dead and Gone!
  8. Good News Come o’er the Sea
  9. Hallelujah, Jesus Saves Me
  10. Hark, the Angelic Song from the Regions Afar!
  11. Ho, Everyone Who Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  12. How Long, O How Long?
  13. I Am Sweeping Toward the Golden Gate
  14. I Am the Way, O Hear Ye the Blessed Savior
  15. I Am Weary of Earth
  16. I Have Found Redemption in the Savior’s Blood
  17. I Long for That Beautiful Home over There
  18. I Love to Think of My Heav’nly Home
  19. I Once Was a Stranger to Grace and to God
  20. I See the Bright Light
  21. I Want to Be a Worker
  22. I Will Watch and Wait for the Morning’s Dawn
  23. I’ll Sing of a Theme Most Sublime
  24. I’m Going Yonder Bright Glory
  25. I’m Nearing the Gates of the City
  26. I’m Sweeping Toward the Golden Gate
  27. Jesus Calls, Dear Children, Come to Me and Live
  28. Jesus Died on the Tree
  29. Jesus, I Come to Thee, Just As I Am
  30. Jesus Is Ready to Save You
  31. Lo! Our Vessel’s on the Ocean
  32. Look Ever to Jesus
  33. March to Battle Ever Firm
  34. Marching Onward
  35. Merry the Hearts That Have Gathered Today
  36. Murmur Not, My Soul
  37. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  38. Now Begin the Heav’nly Race
  39. O Brother, Go to Jesus
  40. O Brother, This World Is a Vineyard
  41. O, Come to the Savior Today
  42. O Come Today to the Fountain
  43. O How Blessed Is the Service of the Lord
  44. O Jesus, Savior, I Long to Rest
  45. O Sinner, the Savior Is Calling
  46. O Weary Wanderer
  47. Oh Come, Little Children
  48. Oh, Full Salvation
  49. Oh, How Happy I Feel As I Gaze
  50. Oh, Redemption’s Wondrous Story
  51. On the Shore Beyond the Sea
  52. Only a Penny, but Who Shall Declare
  53. Over the River, the River of Time
  54. Praise the Lord, Jehovah
  55. Praise Ye the Lord, Praise
  56. Precious Jesus, I Am Coming
  57. Ready to Go
  58. Ring Out the Sweet Notes
  59. Savior, at the Cross I’m Bending
  60. Savior, at the Cross I’m Waiting
  61. Say Not, O Christian Reaper
  62. Scarcely Saved, O What a Word
  63. See the Mighty Hosts of Zion Gathering
  64. Shall We Meet Beyond the River
  65. Sinner, the Banquet Is Waiting
  66. Take My Heart, Dear Jesus
  67. Take My Heart, Dear Lord
  68. There Is Rest for the Soul
  69. There’s a Glorious Kingdom
  70. There’s a Place Where My Loved Ones Are Gone
  71. This Festival Day We’ll Be Happy and Gay
  72. Today the Savior Calls
  73. We Are Coming
  74. We Are on Our Journey Homeward
  75. We Are Sailing on the Old Ship of Zion
  76. We Love to Sing Together
  77. We Sometimes Speak of a Sad, Still Hour
  78. Weary Souls That Wander Wide
  79. We’ll All Gather Home in the Morning
  80. We’re a Happy Pilgrim Band
  81. We’re Coming, We’re Coming, Dear Savior
  82. When the Clouds Are Gathering o’er Thee
  83. When the Storm in Its Fury on Galilee Fell
  84. When the Tempest High Is Raging As I Sail
  85. When This Fitful Life Is Over
  86. When We All Gather Home in the Morning
  87. Which Way Are You Going, My Brother?
  88. Who Came to Earth to Die
  89. Whosoever Will, O Hear the Joyful Sound
  1. Are You Ready for His Coming?
  2. Garnered Sheaves
  3. No Room in Heaven
  4. Wonderful Grace