April 30, 1771, Richmond, New Hampshire.

June 7, 1852, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Son of Baptist minister Ma­tur­in Bal­lou, Ho­sea became pastor of a congregation in Da­na, Mas­sa­chu­setts (the town was dissolved in 1938 as part of the creation of the Quab­bin Re­ser­voir), in 1794. He also preached at Bar­nard, Ver­mont, and surrounding towns (1801–07); Ports­mouth, New Hamp­shire (1807–15); Sa­lem, Mas­sa­chu­setts (1815–17); and was pastor of the Second Un­i­ver­sal­ist Church in Bos­ton from December 1817 until his death.

  1. When God Is Seen with Men to Dwell