Minnie C. Ballard

June 22, 1852, Troy, Pennsylvania.

September 7, 1927.

Saint Johns Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.

Minnie (her writing name) was the daughter of Orrin Porter Ballard, Sr., and Eliza Ann Spalding. On her mother’s side, she was related to American revolutionary figure Colonel Ethan Allen.

Ballard’s introduction to the public came round 1873, when she submitted a poem to William Cullen Bryant, who published it in the New York Evening Post. She went to contribute to the Philadelphia Times, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Louisville Courier-Journal, Godey’s Lady’s Book, Peterson’s Magazine, the St. Louis Magazine, and other periodicals. She lived in Troy her whole life. Her works include:

  1. Easter Hymn
  2. Shall It Be You or I?

Ballard’s place of death