August 16, 1838.

August 4, 1916, Millport, Cumbrae, Scotland.

Cathedral of the Isles, Cumbrae, Scotland.

Ball took Holy Orders in 1865, and served as Curate of St. Salvador’s, Dundee Mission; Incumbent of St. Mary’s, The Cove, by Aberdeen; Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Kinoull; Curate of All Saints, Brougham Street, Edinburgh, Scotland; Curate of St. Columba’s, Edinburgh; Priest of St. Michael’s Chapel, Edinburgh; Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles; and Provost of the Cathedral Church and College of Cumbrae (1891). St. John’s College, Annapolis, Maryland, awarded him an honorary LLD degree in 1895. Ball is chiefly known through his numerous translations from the Latin, which he contributed to the St. Albans Hymnal, 1898; The Praise of Jesus, 1872; The Requiem Hymnal, 1898; The Clumber Hymnal, 1904; The Office Hymn Book 1905, and other collections. These collections also contain several of his original hymns, the greater part being in The Praise of Jesus and The Requiem Hymnal. Ball’s works include:

  1. Christ, of the Angels’ Praise and Adoration
  2. Ere We Leave Thine Altar, Lord
  3. Greet the Cross with Veneration
  4. Guardians of Our Race, The
  5. O Great Apostle Paul
  6. O Joseph, Heavenly Hosts Thy Worthiness Proclaim
  7. O That to Sinners Once Again Descending
  8. Sanctify Me Wholly
  1. Star of Ocean Fairest