February 18, 1896, Brooklyn, Iowa.

May 27, 1989.

San Fernando Cemetery III, San Antonio, Texas.

Son of a Methodist father and Quaker mother, Ball was an Assemblies of God minister for over seven decades. He lost his father at age eight, and as a child suffered from spinal meningitis, arthritis, and lung problems. When a doctor advised them to seek a drier climate, his mother moved the family to Amistad, New Mexico, in 1907. They stayed there a year before an unsuccessful attempt to move to an American settlement in southern Mexico. Flooding stopped their covered wagon before they could reach Mexico, so they bought 10 acres of land in Ricardo, Texas, and founded their homestead. Ball came to Christ at age 14, while still in high school in Ricardo. He conducted his first evangelical meeting shortly after: two people attended, the start of a long and fruitful ministry.

In 1924, Ball founded the Casa Evangélica de Publicaciones in San Antonio, Texas. Two years later, he opened the Latin American Bible Institute in San Antonio. He published a newspaper, the Luz Apostólica, and prepared hymnals, one of which, the 1916 Himnos de Gloria, which eventually sold over one million copies throughout the Spanish speaking world. He would later publish five more hymnals.

Ball founded what became Life Publishers International, and wrote training materials for new pastors. In 1929, when the Mexican convention of the Assemblies of God in Mexico became the Latin American District Council, Ball became superintendent.

  1. En Pecados y Temor
  1. Canten del Amor de Cristo
  2. Cuán Tiernamente Jesús Hoy Nos Llama
  3. Mi Culpa El Llevó
  4. ¡Oh! Yo Quiero Andar con Cristo
  5. Si Creyere Puede a El Venir
  6. Su Yugo Es Fácil
  7. Tú Amarás a Cristo
  8. Vamos a Sembrar