September 23, 1818, Hammersmith, London, England.

July 3, 1887, Brighton, Sussex, England.

Balfern entered the Baptist ministry in 1848, and worked mainly in the suburbs of London and Brighton. His works include:

  1. Altogether, Brave and Steady
  2. As When an Artist
  3. Clothed with Glory, Swift Descending
  4. Come unto Me, the Savior Speaks
  5. God’s Voice in Silence
  6. Hark! Dear Children! Hear the Angels
  7. Here Oft with Faltering Steps and Slow
  8. In This Vain World of Pride and Scorn
  9. It Is Finished!
  10. Jesus, Our Lord and God
  11. Lonely Band Faith Sees in Silence Move, A
  12. Look, O Christian!
  13. Night Drew Her Curtains o’er the Earth
  14. Now Veil Thy Face, O Sacred Muse
  15. O Faith, Now Plume Thy Radiant Wing
  16. O Gentle, Tender Teacher, Ever Near
  17. O Heart So Loving, Meek, and Pure
  18. O Lamb of God, Most Holy
  19. O Loathsome Grave
  20. O Morning Star, Whose Distant Ray
  21. O Thou Who Art Enthroned on High
  22. O What an Ocean Here We See!
  23. Oft as the Daylight Hours Were Gone
  24. Rest in the Lord, and Wait for Him
  25. Say Not, O Wounded Heart
  26. Shepherd of Those Sunlit Mountains
  27. Sin Only Can Repeat Itself
  28. Sit Ye Here
  29. Soldier of the Cross, Arouse Thee
  30. Something from Thee, Lord
  31. They Clothed Him in a Purple Robe
  32. Trust in God
  33. Weary Wanderer, Sad and Broken
  34. What Form Is This?