May 7, 1934, Parkstone, Dorset, England.

Bale’s parents were evidently in the Salvation Army (SA) in Branksome (near Poole, Dorset). After two years in the Royal Air Force, he went to the SA International Training College in 1954. He worked for a decade with youth and as a corps officer, then went to the editorial department at SA International Headquarters in 1964. He edited All the World (1967–68) and Vanguard (1968–72), was assistant editor of The War Cry (1972–74), and edited The Musician (1974–77). He went on to serve the SA at Rochdale (near Manchester) (1977–78), as Australian Editor-in-Chief (1978–83), Secretary of the North London Division (1983–85), and as Editor-in-Chief at the SA International Headquarters (1985), having reached the rank of lieutenant colonel.

  1. O Lord, Whose Human Hands Were Quick