1721, Brailsford, Derbyshire, England.

March 18, 1819, Lewisham, Kent, England.

Wesleyan cemetery, City Road Chapel, London, England.

At age 18, Bake­well read Bos­ton’s Four­fold State, which turned his heart to God. He became an ardent evangelist, and in 1744 (the year of the first Meth­od­ist Conference) he began to preach. He moved to Lon­don shortly after, where he met the Wes­leys, Au­gus­tus Top­la­dy, J. Fletch­er, and other notables of the time. After conducting the Green­wich Royal Park Academy for some years, he resigned in favor of his son-in-law, James Egan, and began spending much of his time preaching for the Wes­ley­ans.

  1. Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus

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