July 10, 1811, Wenham, Massachusetts.

March 11, 1889, Boston, Massachusetts.

As a young man, Baker moved to Salem, Massachusetts, and in 1831 began teaching music. In 1833, he traveled throughout America with a concert company. Afterward, he studied with John Paddon in Boston, where, in 1839, he became musical director of a church run by a Dr. Channing. In 1841, he began holding what were termed musical conventions, and soon after he was appointed vice-president of the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston, holding the post six years. From 1841 to 1848, he was superintendent of musical instruction in the Boston grammar schools (succeeding Lowell Mason). He subsequently became editor of the Boston Musical Journal, and helped found the Boston Music School in 1857. Baker’s works include:

  1. Wallace