April 5, 1901, Raritan, New Jersey.

August 14, 1971, Norridge, Illinois.

Saint Luke Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Bajus graduated from Con­cor­dia Sem­in­ary, St. Lou­is, Mis­souri (1925), and pastored in Granite City, West Frank­fort, Staun­ton and Norr­idge, Il­li­nois. He was first vice-president of the Slo­vak Evan­gel­i­cal Lu­theran Church (1949–59) and member of its board of directors. He was also the synod archivist (1949–69), a member of the committee for merger with the Mis­souri Synod, editor of the Courier, director of the Slo­vak Lu­ther­an Hour, and member of the Syn­od­i­cal Conference Hym­nol­o­gy Committee.

  1. Christ the Lord to Us Is Born
  2. Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Holy (1939)
  3. Lo, Judah’s Lion Wins the Strife

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