October 12, 1895, Sydney, Australia.

April 28, 1984, London, England.

Daughter of Salvation Army (SA) officers, Baird moved with her family to South Africa around 1903, and became an SA officer in 1915. She served in various posts, and was eventually sent to Chicago, Illinois, where she edited The Young Soldier for 11 years. In 1934, she was transferred to the SA International Headquarters in London, and edited the publication there, as well. She later edited The Warrior, and was SA Literary Secretary. She reached the rank of SA colonel, retiring in 1957. Her works include:

  1. Boy Was Born in Bethlehem, A (1975)
  2. Brief Is Our Journey Through the Years (1953)
  3. Eternal God, Our Song We Raise (1965)
  4. Jesus, Lead Me Up the Mountain (1953)
  5. Jesus, Lord, We Come to Hail Thee (1964)
  6. Let Thy Heart Be at Rest (1939)
  7. Never Fades the Name of Jesus (1940)
  8. O Bright Eternal One (1962)
  9. O Father, Friend of All Mankind (1949)
  10. O Love, Revealed on Earth in Christ (1950)
  11. Spirit of God, Thou Art the Bread of Heaven (1966)
  12. We’re in God’s Army and We Fight (1950)
  13. What Wondrous Gifts Are in My Care (1961)
  14. When Jesus Looked o’er Galilee (1935)