July 12, 1774, Oberstenfeld, Württemberg, Germany.

August 18, 1841, Owen, Württemberg, Germany.

Bahnmeier studied first at Tü­bing­en, then was appointed assistant to his father in 1798. He became Di­a­co­nus at Mar­bach am Neck­ar in 1806, and at Lud­wigs­burg in 1810, where for a time he headed a young ladies’ school. In 1815, he was appointed Professor of Education and Ho­mi­le­tics at Tü­bing­en, but in the troublesome times that followed had to resign his post. In 1819, he was appointed De­can and Town Preacher at Kirch­eim un­ter Teck, where he served 21 years.

Bahnmeier was a distinguished preach­er, greatly interested in the causes of education, missions, and Bible societies. He was also a leader on the committee which compiled the Würt­tem­berg Ge­sang­buch of 1842. He preached his last sermon at Kirch­eim on August 15, 1841. Two days later he held a visitation at Ow­en. While inspecting the school at the adjacent village of Bruck­er, he had a probable stroke, and was taken back to Ow­en, where he died.

  1. Jesu als du wiederkehrtest
    • Jesu, When Thou Once Returnest
  2. Walte, fürder, nah und fern
    • Far and Near, Almighty Word
    • Go Forth, Thou Mighty Word of Grace
    • O Word of God, Reign Everywhere
    • Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word
    • Spread Thy Triumph Far and Nigh
    • Word of God! with Glory Crowned

Bahnmeier’s burial place