July 12, 1774, Oberstenfeld, Württemberg, Germany.

August 18, 1841, Owen, Württemberg, Germany.

Bahnmeier studied first at Tübingen, then was appointed assistant to his father in 1798. He became Diaconus at Marbach am Neckar in 1806, and at Ludwigsburg in 1810, where for a time he headed a young ladies’ school. In 1815, he was appointed Professor of Education and Homiletics at Tübingen, but in the troublesome times that followed had to resign his post. In 1819, he was appointed Decan and Town Preacher at Kircheim unter Teck, where he served 21 years.

Bahnmeier was a distinguished preacher, greatly interested in the causes of education, missions, and Bible societies. He was also a leader on the committee which compiled the Württemberg Gesangbuch of 1842. He preached his last sermon at Kircheim on August 15, 1841. Two days later he held a visitation at Owen. While inspecting the school at the adjacent village of Brucker, he had a probable stroke, and was taken back to Owen, where he died.

  1. Jesu als du wiederkehrtest
    • Jesu, When Thou Once Returnest
  2. Walte, fürder, nah und fern
    • Far and Near, Almighty Word
    • Go Forth, Thou Mighty Word of Grace
    • O Word of God, Reign Everywhere
    • Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word
    • Spread Thy Triumph Far and Nigh
    • Word of God! with Glory Crowned

Bahnmeier’s burial place