January 12, 1829, London, England.

February, 6, 1915, Hounslow, England.

Nottingham Cathedral, England.

Son of County Court Judge H. R. Bag­shawe, Ed­ward studied at St. Ma­ry’s College, Os­cott, and took his BA at Lon­don University. He had planned to work in law, but instead joined the Bromp­ton Or­a­to­ry in 1849, and was ordained a priest in 1852. In 1871, he was consecrated by R. C. Bi­shop of Not­ting­ham, and in 1874, became Bishop of Not­ting­ham.

In 1901, Bagshawe’s health began to fail, and while in Rome in May that year he was encouraged to offer his resignation. As titular Bishop of Hy­pae­pa (now Gün­lü­ce, Öde­miş, Tur­key), he went to live in the Blue Nuns’ House at Houns­low. He became titular Archbishop of Se­leu­cia in 1904. His works include:

  1. Among the Innocent of Heart, O Lord
  2. Saint Edward, England’s Gift from God