February 19, 1802, Detroit, Michigan.

December 23, 1881, New Haven, Connecticut.

Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut.


Leonard’s father was David Bacon, missionary to the Indians. In his childhood years in Tallmadge, Ohio, Leonard was a classmate to John Brown, who later became a noted abolitionist.

Bacon matriculated at Yale University in autumn 1817. After graduation, he entered Andover Theological Seminary. He was ordained as an evangelist by the Hartford North Consociation, assembled at Windsor, Connecticut, September 28, 1824. In 1825, he became pastor of the First Church in New Haven, Connecticut.

Bacon’s works include:

  1. Come, God Creator, Holy Ghost
  2. God of Our Fathers, to Thy Throne
  3. Hail, Tranquil Hour of Closing Day
  4. Here, Lord of Life and Light, to Thee
  5. How Sweet, Through Long Remembered Years
  6. Land Where the Bones of Our Fathers Are
  7. O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand
  8. O God of Abraham, Ever Sure
  9. O Thou Who Hast Died to Redeem Us from Hell
  10. Though Now the Nations Sit Beneath
  11. Wake the Song of Jubilee
  12. Weep Not for the Saint That Ascends