1. By Mountain Stream
  2. Flowers from the Garden Bring
  3. Framer of Worlds, and God of Mind
  4. Gracious Father, by Thy Favor
  5. Hark to the Church Bells Ringing
  6. How Hallowed Is the Bliss
  7. Jesus, We Hear Thy Gentle Voice
  8. Not for the Prophet Tongue of Fire
  9. Now Our Festive Joys Are Ending
  10. O Teachers, ’Tis a Fearful World
  11. One Dear Schoolmate Now Has Vanished
  12. Rising from the Ocean’s Bed
  13. Thou Friend of Childhood
  14. Thou Gavest, and We Yield to Thee
  15. Uphold Me, Father, I Am Weak
  16. Where’er My Gospel Is Proclaimed
  17. With Milder Glow, the Moon