Feb­ru­a­ry 28, 1844, Salisbury, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 6, 1933, Cardiff, Wales.

Theodore was the son of Wil­liam Price Ayl­ward (organist at St. Mar­tin, and later, St. Ed­mund, Sal­is­bu­ry).

He studied at Sal­is­bury Ca­thed­ral under C. J. Read, with Sam­u­el Wesley to whom he was ar­ti­cled, and George Mac­far­ren. Ayl­ward continued to work his articles with Wes­ley after the latter’s appointment to Glou­ce­ster Ca­thed­ral.

Aylward played the organ at the Church of St. Mat­thew, Chel­te­nham; St. Co­lum­ba’s Col­lege, Rath­farn­ham, Coun­ty Dub­lin (from 1866); St. Mar­tin’s, Sal­is­bu­ry and St. Mary’s, Spring Grove, in the Di­o­cese of Lon­don; Llan­daff Ca­thed­ral (1870–76); Chi­ches­ter Ca­thed­ral (1876–86); and St. An­drew’s Church, Car­diff (1886–1925). He composed sets of pre­ces and responses, fes­tal and fer­i­al, and a litany, published as a collection in 1877.

  1. Duci Cru­en­to Mar­tyr­um
  2. Nutbourne
  3. Sarum