Ap­ril 1, 1861, Leam­ing­ton, On­tar­io, Ca­na­da.

Oc­to­ber 29, 1933, An­der­son­ville, Ten­nes­see.

An­der­son­ville Ce­me­te­ry, An­der­son­ville, Ten­nes­see.

Edward was the son of John W. Av­is, from Kent, Eng­land, and Har­ri­et Av­is of Ca­na­da, and hus­band of An­na Hu­di­burg.

He moved with his fa­mi­ly from Ca­na­da to Flint, Mi­chi­gan, as was a young boy. By 1883, he was in An­der­son­ville, Ten­nes­see. He was run­ning a mu­sic pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny in An­der­son­ville as of 1889.

In 1882, Avis be­came gen­er­al sec­re­ta­ry of the Young Men’s Chris­tian As­so­ci­a­tion (YMCA) of Ow­ens­bo­ro, Ken­tuc­ky. Lat­er, he was or­dained a min­is­ter of the Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church.

In 1897, he joined the Unit­ed Breth­ren Church, and served pas­tor­ates from the state of New York to the state of Wash­ing­ton. In 1894, he ap­pears in re­cords as a pas­tor in Knox­ville, Ten­nes­see. By 1898, he had moved to Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see.

Avis’ works in­clude:

  1. All the Way to Cal­va­ry He Went for Me
  2. All Things, O God, Thou Didst Create
  3. Almost De­cid­ed, Why Still De­lay?
  4. Are You Wor­ship­ing the Idols?
  5. As I Paused by an Open Win­dow
  6. At the Call of the Roll
  7. Awake, Awake, Ye Saints of God
  8. Battle of the Ag­es, The
  9. Be About the Mas­ter’s Bu­si­ness
  10. Be Thou with Me, O My Sav­ior
  11. Be True to Your Con­science
  12. Be True un­to Je­sus, Your Sav­ior
  13. Behold, What Won­drous Love Is This?
  14. Bells of Hea­ven Are Ring­ing, The
  15. Blest Sab­bath School, Far More to Me
  16. Blest Spir­it, Hear My Pray­er
  17. Blood of Christ, Once Shed, The
  18. Children of God We Are March­ing
  19. Closer, Dear Lord, to Thee
  20. Come in the Days of Thy Youth
  21. Come with Thy Sins to the Foun­tain
  22. Comrades, Hear the Cap­tain’s Call
  23. Countless Are the Bless­ings God Has
  24. Day Breaks upon Me, The
  25. Day Will Dawn, I Know Not When, The
  26. Dear Friend, You’ve Been Halt­ing
  27. Do Not Fear to Face the Foe
  28. Earnestly, Pe­ni­tent, Of­fer
  29. Ever the Sun Is Shin­ing
  30. Far From Thy Fold, Blest Sav­ior
  31. Father, I Would Do Thy Will
  32. Forward, Chri­stian Sol­diers, in the Ranks
  33. Forward, For­ward, Ev­ery Sol­dier
  34. Glorious Mes­sage to All Who Will Come
  35. Glory Be to God on High
  36. Go Forth and Work From Morn Till Eve
  37. Go For­ward at the Call
  38. Go For­ward, Chris­tian Sol­diers
  39. Go Work in the Har­vest of the Lord
  40. Go Work in the Mas­ter’s Viney­ard
  41. God, Give Us Men Who Will Stand
  42. God Is Count­ing, My Friend, on You
  43. Great Is the Work and Still Great­er
  44. Have You Heard the Won­drous Sto­ry?
  45. Have You Need of Sal­va­tion From Sin?
  46. He Knows It All
  47. Hear the Voice To­day, Speak­ing
  48. Hear Thou My Pray­er, O Sav­ior of Gal­i­lee
  49. Hear You a Voice Gent­ly Say­ing
  50. Hear You Not the Com­ing of the Youth­ful Hosts?
  51. Help to Bright­en Up the World
  52. Ho! Ev­ery One That Thirst­eth
  53. Ho, Friends, Lend a Hand in the Work
  54. Holy Spir­it, Breathe up­on Us
  55. Holy Spir­it, Friend Di­vine
  56. How Blest Is This Book Di­vine
  57. How Can a Boy Be Forget­ful of Mo­ther?
  58. How Great Is the Joy of Sal­va­tion
  59. Human Life Is Like a Steam­ship
  60. I Am Glad That Christ
  61. I Am Long­ing, Sav­ior
  62. I Am Saved by the Grace
  63. I Am Saved, the Lord Has Saved
  64. I Am Stand­ing on the Pro­mis­es of Je­sus
  65. I Came to Je­sus
  66. I Can­not Al­ways Trace the Way
  67. I Dreamed, and Lo, My Heart Was Sad
  68. I Find Bless­ed Peace in Be­liev­ing
  69. I Have a Sav­ior Who Dwell­eth
  70. I Have Heard a Sweet, Sweet, Sto­ry
  71. I Have Read God’s Book with Plea­sure
  72. I Have Sun­light in My Soul
  73. I Know That Je­sus for Me Died
  74. I Know That My Re­deem­er Lives
  75. I Know That My Re­deem­er Liv­eth Ev­er
  76. I Once Was Lost in Sin
  77. I Remember Well the Cot­tage
  78. I Was Once a Sin­ner Lost
  79. I Was Once the Chief of Sin­ners
  80. I Was Out on Life’s Ocean
  81. If I Were a Sun­beam
  82. If Such Hea­ven­ly Peace and Com­fort
  83. If the Dark­ened World Would See the Light
  84. If We Knew the Child with Dim­ples
  85. If Words of Kind­ness You Would Speak
  86. If You Only Knew the Sav­ior
  87. If You Would Be Glad and Ha­ppy
  88. If You Would Tr­uly Life’s Mis­sion
  89. I’ll Be a Work­er for Je­sus
  90. I’ll Do What You Want Me to Do
  91. I’ll Ev­er Keep Tell­ing the Sto­ry
  92. I’m Go­ing Home to Glo­ry
  93. In My Dist­ant Hap­py Home
  94. In Realms of Bliss Be­yond the Sky
  95. In the Man­sions of Rest
  96. In the Ser­vice of the Lord
  97. In the Time of Con­scious Weak­ness
  98. It Is Won­der­ful to Me!
  99. It Was for Me the Sav­ior Died
  100. I’ve a Friend, a Dear Friend
  101. I’ve Been Told of a Land
  102. I’ve No Mo­ther Now to Kiss Me
  103. I’ve Seen the Skies Aglow with Light
  104. Jesus Can Save Lit­tle Child­ren
  105. Jesus Is Call­ing the Way­ward to Come
  106. Jesus Is Com­ing, Tell the Glad News
  107. Jesus Is My Sav­ior, I Have
  108. Jesus Is My Shep­herd, Where He Leads
  109. Jesus Knock­ing, See Him Stand­ing
  110. Jesus, Sav­ior, Ev­er Lead Me
  111. Jesus Shall Reign, Go, Tell It Out
  112. Joy of Be­liev­ing, The
  113. Joyously Are We March­ing to Zi­on
  114. Keep Tell­ing Out the Old, Old Sto­ry
  115. Kneeling at the Cross with a Contrite
  116. Lead Me, Thou Light of the World
  117. Leaning on Je­sus, I Find Sweet­est Rest
  118. Let in the Sunshine of Je­sus
  119. Let Me Hear You Tell of Je­sus
  120. Let Me Steal Away to Je­sus
  121. Let Us Arise and Go Forth
  122. Living Faith Give Me, O Lord, A
  123. Lord, Give Me a Heart That’s Clean
  124. Lord, I Come, I Wait No Long­er
  125. Lord Is My Rock and My Re­fuge Com­plete, The
  126. Make Christ King, O, Won­drous
  127. Master Is Call­ing To­day, The
  128. May Our Lamps Be Trimmed and Burn­ing
  129. My Lord and Sav­ior, As Thou Wilt
  130. My Sav­ior Hath Re­deemed Me
  131. My Sav­ior Is Plead­ing in Glo­ry
  132. My Soul Is Filled with Joy
  133. Name of Christ to Me Has Been, The
  134. Near the Cross, O Bless­ed Sav­ior
  135. Nearer, My God, to Thee
  136. Nearer to Thee, My Sav­ior
  137. Nearer to Thee, Sav­ior, Draw Me
  138. Never Alone Will I Leave You
  139. Never Are We Wea­ry
  140. Never Let Go the Sav­ior
  141. O God, How Great Thy Love to Us
  142. O Good Old Way, How Sweet Thou Art
  143. O Holy Spir­it Dove of Hea­ven
  144. O Je­sus, How My Heart Is Long­ing
  145. O, Pro­di­gal, Come, I Am Wait­ing
  146. O Sin­ner, Would You Know God’s Love?
  147. O Tell Me the Sto­ry of Je­sus Once More
  148. O That Some­one Might My Sav­ior
  149. O the Touch­es of His Spir­it
  150. O the Won­drous Love Je­sus
  151. O Those Won­der­ful, Won­der­ful Hands
  152. O We Are Chris­tian Sol­diers
  153. O We Are Youths Now Grow­ing Up
  154. O What a Change in My Life
  155. O When Life’s Toil Is Over
  156. Oft When Af­flict­ions Seem Se­vere
  157. On the Cross the Sav­ior Hang­ing
  158. Onward and Up­ward and For­ward for Je­sus
  159. Our Father, We Bless Thee
  160. Out in the By­ways Go Seek for the Lost
  161. Out in the Dark­ness I Wan­dered Alone
  162. Out in the Lone­ly World
  163. Out o’er the Dark Wa­ters Gleam­ing
  164. Out on the Ocean a Ves­sel
  165. Out on the Street of a Ci­ty
  166. Praise Him, Praise Him
  167. Promised Land by Faith I See, The
  168. Resting on the Faith­ful­ness
  169. Row Me ov­er the Tide
  170. Saved, Saved by Grace Through Faith
  171. Savior, Draw Me Close to Thee
  172. Seek Today the Lord
  173. Send the Light of Life to All
  174. Shower Thy Bless­ings up­on Us
  175. Since My Sins He Par­doned
  176. Sing Praise to Christ, Our King
  177. Sinner, Canst Thou Trust the Sav­ior?
  178. Sinner’s On­ly Hope Is Christ, The
  179. Soldiers of the Lord
  180. Some Day the Sun Will Shine
  181. Sowing the Seed in the Morn­ing
  182. Speak Just a Word
  183. Springtime and Youth
  184. Stand Fast in the Faith
  185. Stand Up for Christ, Young Peo­ple
  186. Stranger Is Stand­ing With­out, A
  187. Suffer Lit­tle Child­ren to Come un­to Me
  188. Tell Again the Old Sto­ry of Je­sus
  189. Thanks We Give to Thee, O Fa­ther
  190. There Is Peace, Bless­ed Peace
  191. There Is Pow­er in His Blood
  192. There Is Safe­ty in Abid­ing
  193. There Is Work for Me to Do
  194. There Ne­ver Was a Friend Like Je­sus
  195. There’s a Bet­ter Day to Come
  196. There’s a Bright Gold­en Light
  197. There’s a Land of Won­drous Beau­ty
  198. There’s an Ev­er­last­ing Rock
  199. There’s No One to Help Us Like Je­sus
  200. There’s One Who Is with Me
  201. To Ev­ery Na­tion, Tribe and Tongue
  202. To Make Us Ef­fi­cient in Ser­vice to Thee
  203. To the Sav­ior, O Come
  204. Today if You Will Hear His Voice
  205. Today the Sav­ior Calls to You
  206. Trials That Oft­en Have Hin­dered My Way, The
  207. True Sol­diers of the King Are We
  208. Trusting in the Pro­mis­es
  209. ’Twas Naa­man, the Le­per
  210. ’Twas Won­drous Grace That Res­cued
  211. ’Twill Be a Great and Glo­ri­ous Day
  212. We Are a Band of Hap­py, Hap­py Child­ren
  213. We Are Chris­tian Sol­diers March­ing On
  214. We Are March­ing on to Zi­on to the Ci­ty
  215. We Are Work­ers, Toil­ing Up the Way
  216. We Shall Reach the Glo­ry Land
  217. We Wel­come You, Friends
  218. Well, Wife, I’ve Found the Dear Old Church
  219. We’re in the Fight, a Cause
  220. We’re Saved by the Blood
  221. What a Friend Have I in Je­sus
  222. What a Pro­mise God Hath Given
  223. What Though the Storm Clouds Ga­ther
  224. What Won­drous Love My Sav­ior Had
  225. When I Found the Sav­ior
  226. When I Was Lost in Ways of Sin
  227. When in That Morn of Morns I Awake
  228. When Je­sus, the Sav­ior, Had Par­doned
  229. When Life’s Bat­tle Is Fought
  230. When Na­ture’s Voice Is Plead­ing
  231. When Our Meeting and Our Part­ing
  232. When the Day Seems Long
  233. When the Old Ship of Zi­on Shall Come
  234. When the Roll Is Called in Heav’n Above
  235. When the Sav­ior We Obey
  236. When the Winds Were Fierce­ly Blow­ing
  237. When Trials and Temp­ta­tions As­sail
  238. When We All Ga­ther Home in the Morn­ing
  239. When We All Get Home to Glo­ry
  240. When with Earth’s Voic­es No More
  241. Where He Leads Me I Will Go
  242. Who Shall En­ter Hea­ven by the King’s High­way
  243. Why God Loved Me So, I Do Not Know
  244. Why Should I Doubt, or Be Afraid
  245. Why Should You Long­er Be Idle
  246. Will a Boy Forget His Mo­ther?
  247. With a Pur­pose Firm and Right­ful
  248. Wonderful Day of Grace, A
  249. Wonderful Sto­ry of Christ, The
  250. World for Christ, The
  251. Would You Be Hap­py o’er Vic­to­ry Won?
  252. Would You Be Hap­py the Whole Day?
  253. Would You Know the Sec­ret
  254. Ye Peo­ple Who for Je­sus
  255. Ye Saints of God, Look Up on High
  256. You May Do Much Good
  257. Your Mother’s in Hea­ven To­night

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