July 12, 1855, Locke Township, Michigan.

March 17, 1933, San Diego County, California.

Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, California.

Lillian was the daughter of Jonas Malcomb Avery and Marcia Serene Atkins, and wife of Charles Newton Stuttle.

She attended Battle Creek College in Michigan, in the late 1870’s. Her works include:

  1. Aweary and Desolate, Poor and Alone
  2. Blessed Savior, Listen Now
  3. Fearful, and Guilty, and Trembling with Shame
  4. Gracious God, Ere We Part
  5. O Glory to God, It Is Coming Again
  6. O Law of God, Blest and Divine
  7. O Let Me Walk with Thee
  8. Sometimes in the Solemn Midnight
  9. Thou Who on the Cross Didst Make
  10. We Shall Inherit the Land
  11. Why Stand Ye Idle?