May 11, 1815, Castletown, Isle of Man.

July 3, 1884, Reedham, Norfolk, England.

Abney Park Cemetery, London, England.

Educated privately and at Highbury College for the Congregational ministry, Aveling became pastor of the independent chapel at Kingsland in 1838. In 1874 he received an honorary DD degree from Howard University, Washington, DC.

Aveling was sometime editor of The Jewish Herald, and in 1834 published a small volume of poems and hymns. Those of his hymns which have come into common use were mostly written from year to year to be sung when he preached his New Year’s sermon to the young. Some of them were published in magazines. His works include:

  1. On! Towards Zion, On!
  2. Hail! Thou God of Grace and Glory!
  3. Lord of the Lofty and the Low
  4. Whene’er the Clouds of Sorrow Roll

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