Henriette Auber

October 4, 1773, Spi­tal­fields, Step­ney, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

January 20, 1862, Hod­des­don, Great Am­well, Hert­ford­shire, England.

St. Catherine and St Paul’s churchyard, Hod­des­don, Hert­ford­shire, England.

Daughter of Rector James Au­ber of Lon­don, and member of the Ang­li­can church, Harriet published the poem collection The Spirit of the Psalms in 1829. Her actual name was Henriette, but she was known as Har­ri­et. For most of her life, she lived at Brox­bourne and Hod­des­don.

  1. Arise, Ye People, and Adore
  2. Arrayed Against Our Church and Faith
  3. As Thy Chosen People, Lord
  4. Blessed Is the Man Who Makes the Word
  5. Bright Was the Guiding Star That Led
  6. Can Guilty Man Indeed Believe?
  7. Delightful Is the Task to Sing
  8. Ere Mountains Reared Their Forms Sublime
  9. Father of Spirits, Nature’s God
  10. Great God, Wert Thou Extreme to Mark
  11. Hail, All Hail the Joyful Morn!
  12. Hail, Gracious Source of Every Good
  13. Hasten, Lord, the Glorious Time
  14. How Blest Are They Who Daily Prove
  15. How Blest the Children of the Lord
  16. Jehovah, Great and Awful Name
  17. Jehovah Reigns, O Earth, Rejoice
  18. Jesus, Lord, to Thee We Sing
  19. Lord, Who Hath Redeemed Our Souls, The
  20. O All Ye Lands, Rejoice in God
  21. O God, My God! Why, in This Hour
  22. O God Our Strength, to Thee Our Song
  23. O Praise Our Great and Gracious Lord
  24. O Thou Whom Heaven’s Bright Host Revere
  25. Oh, Why, by Furious Rage Combined
  26. On Thy Church, O Power Divine
  27. Our Blest Redeemer, Ere He Breathed
  28. Praise the Lord, Our Mighty King
  29. Spirit of Peace, Who as a [Celestial] Dove
  30. Sweet Is the Work, O Lord
  31. That Man Whose Impious Tongue Denies
  32. That Thou, O Lord, Art Ever Nigh
  33. Thou by Whose Strength the Mountains Stand
  34. When Dangers Press and Fears Invade
  35. Who, O Lord, When Life Is O’er
  36. Whom Have We, Lord, in Heaven but Thee?
  37. Wide, Ye Heavenly Gates, Unfold
  38. With Hearts in Love Abounding
  39. With Joy We Hail the Sacred Day
  40. Vainly Through the Night the Ranger
  41. When All Bespeaks a Father’s Love
  42. When Troubles, Like a Whelming Sea

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