Henriette Auber

Oc­to­ber 4, 1773, Spi­tal­fields, Step­ney, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 20, 1862, Hod­des­don, Great Am­well, Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.

St. Ca­the­rine and St. Paul’s churc­hyard, Hod­des­don, Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.


Harriet was the daugh­ter of Rec­tor James Au­ber of Lon­don. Her ac­tu­al name was Hen­ri­ette, but she was known as Har­ri­et.

A mem­ber of the Ang­li­can church, she lived at Brox­bourne and Hod­des­don most of her life.

She is re­mem­bered for her col­lect­ion of po­ems ti­tled The Spir­it of the Psalms (Lon­don: T. Ca­dell and C. & J. Riv­ing­ton, 1829).

  1. Arise, Ye Peo­ple, and Adore
  2. Arrayed Against Our Church and Faith
  3. As Thy Cho­sen People, Lord
  4. Blessed Is the Man Who Makes the Word
  5. Bright Was the Guid­ing Star That Led
  6. Can Guil­ty Man In­deed Be­lieve?
  7. Delightful Is the Task to Sing
  8. Ere Moun­tains Reared Their Forms Sub­lime
  9. Father of Spir­its, Na­ture’s God
  10. Great God, Wert Thou Ex­treme to Mark
  11. Hail, All Hail the Joy­ful Morn!
  12. Hail, Gra­cious Source of Ev­ery Good
  13. Hasten, Lord, the Glo­ri­ous Time
  14. How Blest Are They Who Dai­ly Prove
  15. How Blest the Chil­dren of the Lord
  16. Jehovah, Great and Aw­ful Name
  17. Jehovah Reigns, O Earth, Re­joice
  18. Jesus, Lord, to Thee We Sing
  19. Lord, Who Hath Re­deemed Our Souls, The
  20. O All Ye Lands, Re­joice in God
  21. O God, My God! Why, in This Hour
  22. O God Our Strength, to Thee Our Song
  23. O Praise Our Great and Gra­cious Lord
  24. O Thou Whom Hea­ven’s Bright Host Re­vere
  25. Oh, Why, by Fur­i­ous Rage Com­bined
  26. On Thy Church, O Pow­er Di­vine
  27. Our Blest Re­deem­er, Ere He Breathed
  28. Praise the Lord, Our Migh­ty King
  29. Spirit of Peace, Who as a [Ce­le­st­ial] Dove
  30. Sweet Is the Work, O Lord
  31. That Man Whose Im­pi­ous Tongue De­nies
  32. That Thou, O Lord, Art Ev­er Nigh
  33. Thou by Whose Strength the Moun­tains Stand
  34. When Dan­gers Press and Fears In­vade
  35. Who, O Lord, When Life Is O’er
  36. Whom Have We, Lord, in Hea­ven but Thee?
  37. Wide, Ye Heav­en­ly Gates, Un­fold
  38. With Hearts in Love Abound­ing
  39. With Joy We Hail the Sac­red Day
  40. Vainly Through the Night the Ran­ger
  41. When All Be­speaks a Fa­ther’s Love
  42. When Trou­bles, Like a Whelm­ing Sea