January 20, 1881, Warrington, Lancashire, England.

April 29, 1988, Dulwich, London, England.

Elizabeth’s father was Salvation Army (SA) Brigadier Frank As­pin­all. Due to her father’s work, she moved around extensively: To America in 1883, then back to Eng­land in Maid­stone, Ply­mouth, Hull, Ips­wich and elsewhere.

She left school and began working for her father around 1895, the same time the Musical Sal­va­tion­ist published one of her songs. She married SA Cap­tain Will­iam S. Ashby in Elg­in, Scot­land, in 1903, and they served together in northern Scot­land.

  1. Beautiful Je­sus, Bright Star of the Earth