June 17, 1870, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

May 1, 1941, Melbourne, Australia.

Box Hill Cemetery, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.


Son of baker and Methodist Sunday school superintendent William Arnott, Arnold joined the Salvation Army in Newcastle. In 1898, he was appointed as private secretary to Commandant Herbert Booth, who as at the time Territorial Commander for Australia and New Zealand. Arnott later served as director of the Melbourne Subscribers’ Department, Men’s Social Secretary (1906–12), Special Efforts Secretary (1912–21 & 1933–35), and as Young People’s Secretary (1921–33). He retired as a colonel in 1935 to live in Canterbury, Victoria.

  1. Home Is Home, However Lowly
  2. How Bravely Sails the Gallant Ship
  3. How Can We Sing the Praise of Jesus?
  4. How Sweet the Joy That Deeds of Love
  5. I Have Sweet Thoughts of Heaven
  6. Jesus, Tender Lover of My Soul
  7. Like a River
  8. O We Love to Raise Our Sweet Songs
  9. Tell Them in the East and in the West
  10. We’ve Gathered from the East
  11. We’ve Only a Little While to Stay