19th Century

We have little data on Arnold. Her works include:

Genève, Dec. 15, 1862

Amen! chère et vivante soeur en Jesus. Oui, qu’il plaise au Seigneur, de rapporter à sa gloire le beau et facile talent qu’il vous confie. Ah, c’est un grand honneur que l’Esprit Saint fait reposer sur mes faibles chants, quand Il les addresse aux âmes par le langage que vous leur avez donné. Et quelle bénédiction, n’est ce pas sur nous, qu’Il daigne ainsi se servir de nos bouches pour répéter à plusieurs que connaitre le don du Père en Jesus, c’est avoir, ici bas, déjà, des gages d l’eternelle joie. Je vous remercie donc, de nouveau et cordialement, et avec vous je demand à Celui qui seul bénit, qu’il fasse reposer sur votre belle et bonne ouvrage le regard de son approbation.

Chère soeur, quelle allégresse sera la votre quand vous verrez dans la demeure paternelle des âmes que vos chants avaient unis à Jesus!

Votre cher frère est joint, dans mon coeur, à votre doux nom. Qu’il plaise au Tout Bon, de vous bénir l’un et l’autre, et aussi le ferait-il!

César Malan

Quoted in Lyra Evangelica, 1866, pp. xv-xvi

  1. Ah, Let Me Mourn for My Offense
  2. Alas! How Treacherous Is My Heart
  3. Alone, Without a Friendly Hand
  4. Another Year Has Passed Away
  5. As When in Sultry Summer Hours
  6. As When the Wearied Hart, Oppressed and Faint
  7. Behold Where Streams of Living Water Glide!
  8. Blessèd Messengers of Peace
  9. Casting All Your Care upon Him
  10. Children of God! Ah, Leave the World’s Broad Way
  11. Could I Have Thought Such Grief as Mine
  12. Cross Which God Has Given Me, The
  13. Every Day Will I Bless Thee
  14. Fear Thou Not
  15. From This World’s Darkness to Remove
  16. Hast Thou Not Heart My Cry of Deep Distress?
  17. Hear Me, O Lord!
  18. Heavenly Father, Hear Us Pray
  19. How Cold and faint the Sunbeam’s Wintry Ray
  20. How Short Our Life on Earth
  21. How Sweet the Hour of Prayer, O Lord
  22. I Come, O Lord, to Tell Thee All My Fears
  23. I Know Whom I Have Believed
  24. I Seek Thy Presence, Lord!
  25. If Thou, O Lord, Shouldst Judge Me by Thy Law
  26. In Thee Alone, My Savior
  27. Israel and Judah Have Not Lost Their God
  28. Jesus, God’s Well Beloved Son
  29. Jesus! Thy Sacred Name How Dear
  30. Let Mine Be Mary’s Happy Choice
  31. Let Our Voices Now Ascending
  32. Let the Eternal Father’s Sovereign Love
  33. Long Had I Sought in Vain for Bliss
  34. Lord! At the Close of This Thy Day
  35. Lord! Thou Commandest Me to Seek Thy Face
  36. My God, Thy Faithful Promises
  37. My Heavenly Father’s Love Alone
  38. My Savior! Full of Tenderness
  39. My Savior! Who Hast Taught My Heart to Know
  40. My Savior, Whom Have in Heaven but Thee?
  41. My Savior’s Praises Will I Sing
  42. My Soul, Alas! Is Troubled and cast Down
  43. My Soul with Sin and Grief Oppressed
  44. Not in Our Righteousness, O Lord
  45. O Glorious Sun of Righteousness
  46. O God, Our Savior!
  47. O God, to Thee I Lift My Heart
  48. O Holy Spirit, Blessèd Comforter
  49. O Lamb of God! Who in Thy Dying Love
  50. O Lord, Wherever I May Be
  51. O Lord, While Here on Earth I Stray
  52. O Thou Who Keepest Israel!
  53. O Promised Comforter! I Seek Thine Aid
  54. Oh! Had I Kept My Lord’s Command
  55. Oh, Happy Bond of Christian Love!
  56. Oh, What Shall Soothe My Spirit’s Misery?
  57. Oh, Wondrous Mystery of Love!
  58. See, Where a Tender Mother Fondly Bends
  59. Sorrows and Conflicts Here on Earth
  60. Spirit of Truth! Thy Gracious Beams
  61. Sting of Death Has Lost Its Boasted Power, The
  62. Stranger and a Pilgrim Here, A
  63. Thou, Who Reignest in the Heavens
  64. Through the Dim Forest’s Gloomy Depths
  65. To Be with Thee, my Savior God
  66. To Thee, O God! In Humble Faith
  67. To Those Who in the Son Believe
  68. Traveler Here Below, A
  69. Travelers Through This Vale of Tears
  70. Upon This Sad and Sinful Earth
  71. What Are the Pleasures of the World?
  72. What Earthly Joy Can Fill My Breast
  73. What Love the Father Hath Bestowed
  74. What Sudden Light from Heaven Illumes My Soul?
  75. When in Dark Affliction’s Hour
  76. When, Lord, Before Thy Mercy Seat I Bend
  77. When the Short Scenes of Earth Are Past
  78. Whence Appears This Brilliant Star?
  79. Who Shall Declare the Wondrous Theme?
  80. Why, My Soul, These Anxious Fears?
  81. World May Boast the Brilliant Light, The
  82. Yes, I Must Die!
  83. Yes! Let All Earthly Joys Depart
  84. Yes, O My Father! I Will Trust in Thee