Au­gust 22, 1813, Bi­shop­wear­mouth, Eng­land.

May 16, 1856, Gra­hams­town, South Af­ri­ca.


Son of a doct­or, Arm­strong was ed­u­cated at Char­ter­house, and Lin­coln Col­lege, Ox­ford (BA 1836).

Taking Holy Orders in 1837, he became cur­ate of Al­ford (1837); priest-vi­car of Ex­e­ter Ca­thed­ral (1841); rec­tor of St. Paul’s, Ex­e­ter (1843); vi­car of Tid­en­ham (1845); and bi­shop of Gra­hams­town, South Afr­i­ca (1853). He found­ed St. An­drew’s Col­lege at Gra­hams­town in 1855.

His me­moirs, by T. T. Car­ter, were pub­lished in 1857.

His oth­er works in­clude:

  1. O Lord, Thy Ben­e­dic­tion Give
  2. O Thou Who Makes Souls to Shine

Armstrong’s burial place