Thomas of Aquino

Cir­ca 1226, Roc­ca­sec­ca, Fro­si­no­ne, It­a­ly.

March 7, 1274, Fos­sa­no­va Ab­bey, It­a­ly.

Orig­in­al­ly at the Do­mi­ni­can church in Tou­louse, France. Af­ter the French Re­vo­lu­tion, Aqui­nas’ re­mains were moved to the Church of the Ja­co­bins in Tou­louse.


One of our fa­vo­rite an­ec­dotes about Aqui­nas:

It is said that the theologian Tho­mas Aqui­nas…once called on Pope Innocent II when the latter was counting out a large sum of money. The Pope remarked, You see, Tho­mas, the church can no longer say, Silver and gold have I none. Aqui­nas replied, True, holy father, but neither can she now say, Rise and walk.

Fernando, p. 149

  1. Adoro Te de­vo­te, la­tens De­i­tas
  2. O Sa­lu­ta­ris Hos­tia
  3. Lauda Sion Sal­va­tor­em
  4. Pange lin­gua glor­i­o­si cor­por­is mys­ter­i­um
    • Break We Forth in High Thanksgiving
    • Hail, Each Tongue, with Adoration
    • Hail the Body Bright and Glorious
    • Let My Tongue the Mystery Sing
    • Loudly Sing My Tongue! Proclaiming
    • My Tongue, the Mystic Doctrine Sing
    • Now, My Tongue, the Mystery Singing
    • Now, My Tongue, the Mystery Telling
    • Of Christ His Body Glorious
    • Of That Glorious Body Broken
    • Of the Body Bright and Gracious
    • Of the Glorious Body Bleeding
    • Of the Glorious Body Telling
    • Resound, My Tongue, the Mystery Resound
    • Sing, and the Mystery Declare
    • Sing, My Tongue, the Joyful Mystery
    • Sing, My Tongue, the Savior’s Glory
    • Sing, O My Tongue, Adore and Praise
    • Sing, O My Tongue, Devoutly Sing
    • Sing the Glorious Body Broken
    • Sing Thou My Tongue with Accent Clear
    • Speak, O Tongue, the Body Broken
    • Sing, My Tongue, the Savior’s Glory
    • Sing, O Tongue, the Body Glorious
    • Speak, My Tongue, the Mystic Glory
    • Tell, My Tongue, the Wondrous Story
    • Wake, My Tongue, the Mystery Telling
  5. Verbum Su­per­num pro­diens
  6. Very Bread, Good Shepherd, Tend Us