De­cem­ber 21, 1808, Madeley, Shropshire, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 21, 1809, Madeley, Shropshire, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 29, 1836, Torquay, Eng­land.

Anstice attended En­more, near Bridg­wa­ter, West­min­ster, and Christ Church College, Ox­ford, where he won two prizes in English and graduated as a double first. At age 22, he became Professor of Classical Literature at King’s College, Lon­don. His works in­clude:

Anstice’s hymns were pub­lished post­hu­mous­ly as Hymns by the late Joseph An­stice, M.A., formerly Student of Christ Church, Ox­ford, and Professor of Classical Literature, Ox­ford, and Professor of Classical Literature, King’s College, Lon­don (Bridg­water: 1836), with this introduction:

As none of the following Hymns had the advantage of being corrected and prepared for the press by their lamented Author, his family have not considered themselves at liberty to bring them before the public; but, having reason to believe that a large circle of surviving friends will be gratified by possessing a memorial of the manner in which some of his leisure hours were employed, and of the subjects which chiefly occupied his thoughts, during the last few months of his life, they have consented to their being printed for private distribution. Bridgwater, June, 1836.

The work contains 52 hymns, and a poem To My Hymn Book. The circumstances under which An­stice wrote the hymns were outlined in a letter from Mrs. An­stice to Jo­si­ah Mil­ler, author of Singers and Songs of the Church:

The hymns were all dictated to his wife during the last few weeks of his life, and were composed just at the period of the day (the afternoon) when he felt the oppression of his illness—all his brighter morning hours being given to pupils up to the very day of his death.

  1. Darkly Rose the Guilty Morning
  2. Father, by Thy Love and Power
  3. How Dare We Pray Thee Dwell Within
  4. In All Things Like Thy Brethren, Thou
  5. Lord, by Thee in Safety Borne
  6. Lord, in Thy Kingdom There Shall Be
  7. Lord of the Harvest, Once Again
  8. Lord, Thou in All Things Like Wast Made
  9. O Lord! How Happy Should We Be
  10. O Lord, Refresh Thy Flock
  11. O Son of Man, Thyself Has Proved
  12. Son of David Bowed to Die, The
  13. Son of Earth His Splendor’s Pride, The
  14. Sweet Is the Spirit’s Strain
  15. Thou the Cup of Death Didst Drain
  16. When Came in Flesh the Incarnate Word
  17. When Thou, O Lord, in Flesh Wert Drest