March 8, 1835, New Haven, Connecticut.

March 9, 1905, West Burlington, New York.

Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut.

John was the son of John An­ke­tell and Au­gus­ta Abi­gail Mills, and hus­band of Mary Lou­ise But­ter­field.

He was educated at Yale College, New Ha­ven, Con­nec­ti­cut, and at the University of Hal­le-Wit­ten­berg in Prus­sian Sax­o­ny.

He was ordained a deacon of the Amer­i­can Epis­co­pal church in 1859, and priest in 1860. He founded St. John’s (Amer­i­can) Epis­co­pal Church in Dres­den, Ger­ma­ny, in 1869, and later became professor of He­brew and Greek Ex­e­ge­sis at Sea­bury Divinity School, Far­i­bault, Min­ne­so­ta.

An­ke­tell translated about 120 hymns from Ger­man, Greek, La­tin, He­brew, French, Span­ish, Dan­ish, Ital­i­an and Syr­i­ac. These appeared in the New York Church Review, starting in 1876, and in other periodicals. His other works include:

  1. In Bondage to the Law
  2. Bright o’er Beth­le­hem’s Lowly Mangers
  3. Jesu! Our Eternal King!
  4. Jesus! Name of All Most Holy
  5. Lord Jesus, on the Holy Mount
  6. Lord, Thy Word Abideth Ever
  7. O Christ, Thy Constant Blessing
  8. O Joy of Earth!
  9. O Thou Who in That Last Sad Night
  10. On the Banks Where Jordan Rolled
  11. Rejoice, the Savior Reigns!
  12. Ring Out, Sweet Easter Bells
  13. Sion, Haste to Meet Thy King

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