January 30, 1819, Pa­ris, France.

October 13, 1895, Rose­mont, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Lower Mer­i­on Bap­tist Church Cem­e­te­ry, Bryn Mawr, Penn­syl­van­ia.

L. M. N.


Maria was the daughter of Tho­mas F. Hill of Ex­e­ter, Eng­land, and wife of George W. An­der­son, professor at the University of Lew­is­burg, Penn­syl­van­ia (married 1847).

She was baptized in 1845 in Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­van­ia, by Will­iam Shad­rack, pastor of the Grant Street Bap­tist Church there. Her works include:

Anderson’s grandson was army officer Tas­ker How­ard Bliss, one of the co-sig­na­tor­ies of the Treaty of Ver­sailles that ended World War I.

  1. Our Country’s Voice Is Pleading
  2. Yes, She Is Gone