June 20, 1867, Aigle, Switzerland.

March 18, 1946, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Jules was the son of Da­vid-Fréd­ér­ic Am­i­guet and Char­lotte Ri­chon.

Hes graduated with honors from the Faculty of Theology in Lau­sanne in 1888, and was ordained that year. He served as suf­fra­gan at Su­chy (1888); and pastor at Che­salles-sur-Mou­don (1889); Pam­pig­ny (1893); and Ouc­hy, Lau­sanne (1909).

With the help of a donation from Mar­gue­rite de Loys-Chan­dieu, he built the temple of Saint-Jean de Court (1912–13), decorated with frescoes by Lou­is Ri­vier. Amiguet’s works include:

  1. Louez le Seig­neur