May 27, 1584, Alach, Germany.

February 12, 1640, Erfurt, Germany.


For a while, Altenburg taught and served precentor in Erfurt. In 1608, he became pastor of Ilversgehofen and Marbach, near Erfurt; in 1611, of Trochtelborn; and in 1621 of Gross-Sommern (or Sömmerda), near Erfurt. During the war, he was forced in 1631 to flee to Erfurt, where he stayed without a charge until 1637, when he was appointed diaconus of the Augustine Church, and, in 1638, pastor of St. Andrew’s church.

  1. Aus Jakob’s Stamm ein Stern sehr hier
  2. Verzage nicht du Häuflein klein

Altenburg’s burial place