June 25, 1862, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

May 13, 1927, Framingham Earl, Norfolk, England.

St. Andrew’s churchyard, Framingham Earl, Norfolk, England.

Son of E. G. Alston, Queen’s Advocate at Sierra Leone, Alfred was educated at St. Paul’s School and Gloucester Theological College. He was ordained an Anglican deacon in 1886, and priest in 1887. He served as Curate of St. Mark’s, Gloucester (1886–87), and Rector of Framingham Earl, Norfolk (1887). His works include:

  1. Cometh the Day When the Gloom Fled Away
  2. Cometh the Night When the Lord of Light
  3. Herod the King in His Palace Sate
  4. Praise We Now the Holy Light
  5. Sweet Mary Where She Lay
  1. Father Most Holy, Merciful, and Loving

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