Late 19th Century

Alman, a converted Jew and Amer­i­can Bap­tist minister, was a pastor of Em­man­u­el Bap­tist Church on Suf­folk and Grand in New York City. He is sometimes confused with Samuel Al­man, the Rus­sian-Brit­ish composer (1877–1947). His works include:

  1. Calling, Calling, Tenderly
  2. Come Sound the Praise of Jesus
  3. Dear Savior, Thou Art All to Me
  4. Hail, Bethlehem of Judah
  5. Hark, I Hear the Roll Call Sounding
  6. Have You Heard?
  7. I Love to Sing of That Great Power
  8. I Love to Sing the Story
  9. O Lord, I’m Kneeling at Thy Feet
  10. Sing Aloud the Gospel Song
  11. There Is a Friend
  12. ’Tis Peace, and Joy, and Hopes
  13. Wanderers from God
  14. We’ll Sing Our Song of Praise
  15. When I Think of What I Am
  16. While on Life’s Stormy Sea We Ride
  1. Alman
  2. Mostar