Oc­to­ber 18, 1818, Wel­ton (near Hull), Hum­berside, Eng­land.

Ap­ril 16, 1892, Is­ling­ton, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Ab­ney Park Ce­me­te­ry, London, Eng­land.

Allon was ed­u­cat­ed at Ches­hunt Col­lege, Hert­ford­shire. In 1844 he be­came co-pas­tor with T. Lew­is of the Un­ion Cha­pel, Is­ling­ton. He be­came the sole pa­stor up­on Lew­is’ death in 1852.

In 1865, he be­came co-ed­it­or with Dr. Rey­nolds of the Bri­tish Quar­ter­ly Re­view, and in 1877, sole ed­it­or of that jour­nal.

His works in­clude:

  1. Hark, Hark, My Soul
  2. Low in Thine Ago­ny