January 11, 1859, near Plymouth, Indiana.

June 20, 1938, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois.

John was the son of Her­man Al­leman and Sarah Qui­vey, and husband of Lou Wil­son.

He showed a love of music from childhood, but had little opportunity for formal training, so had to content himself with self study in books on harmony and composition. He studied himself into a successful musical career, becoming a skillful director, evangelistic singer, and publisher.

As of 1904, he was living in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; census records show him still there in 1920. He also lived in Ben­ton Har­bor, Mi­chi­gan, and Mir­a­bile, Mis­sou­ri.

Alleman’s works include:

  1. Angels Came and Rolled
  2. Are You Ready Should the Bridegroom Come?
  3. Are You Waiting for the Coming of Your Blessed Lord?
  4. At the Cross Where Jesus Found Me
  5. Beautiful Gates Are Wide Open, The
  6. Breathe upon Us Heavenly Father
  7. Come to the Living Waters
  8. Dear Lord, Thy Precious, Precious Love
  9. From North and from South, from the East
  10. Hallelujah, I Will Praise My Savior
  11. Hast Thou a Place, O Lord
  12. How the Happy, Happy Days Ever
  13. I Am Firmly Standing on the Rock of Ages
  14. I Am Saved Today from the Tempter’s
  15. I Have Wandered Far Away
  16. I Must Know the Way I’m Going
  17. I Read of Darkness over All the Land
  18. I Shall Ne’er Grow Weary
  19. I’m Growing Old and Feeble Now
  20. In Darkness and Sorrow I Wandered
  21. In Thine Own Time, My Savior, Call
  22. Jesus, Lover of My Soul, Now
  23. Let Me Work in Thy Vineyard
  24. List to the Voice Though Still and Small
  25. Lost, Almost Lost, What Means
  26. Mighty to Save, He Is Mighty to Save
  27. More Like Thee, O Savior, Make Me
  28. My Boatman Will Carry Me Over
  29. My Hope Is Bright Beyond
  30. Never Again Shall I Pass This Way
  31. No Longer We’ll Wander in Darkness and Night
  32. No Room for the Savior
  33. Now as on Life’s Sea I Glide
  34. O Come, Heavy Laden One, Come
  35. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  36. O Sing Me a Song of the Better Land
  37. O What Shall It Profit Thee?
  38. On Which Side Will You Be Found?
  39. Once a Warrior, Brave and Bold
  40. One Little Talk with Thee, Savior
  41. Only a Worker, Ready I Stand
  42. Only the Blood of Jesus Availeth
  43. Ope the Windows Toward the City
  44. Over the Border Land
  45. Redeemed, I’m Standing on the Threshold
  46. Soldiers of Christ, the Battle Rages
  47. Some Day
  48. Spread the News Beyond the Wave
  49. There Is Glory in My Soul, Hallelujah
  50. There’s a Stranger at the Door
  51. Think Not, Sinner Dear, You’re Alone
  52. Thou, O Lord, Will Not Forsake
  53. Throughout Our Wandering Here Below
  54. To the Fount of Cleansing Have You Been?
  55. We Are Marching on, Ever Marching
  56. We Are Marching to the Land of Eternal Rest
  57. We Are Marching Toward a Better Land
  58. We Read Within the Blessed Word
  59. What Will My Welcome Be Yonder
  60. When at Last from Earth I Pass Away
  61. When Friends Forsake and Faithless
  62. When from Sorrow Free, Christ Will
  63. When We Meet him
  64. Where Duty Calls There I Would Be
  65. Where’er I Go No Fear I Know
  66. Wheresoe’er Thy Duty Calls Thee
  67. While Wandering Away from Home
  68. Will You Come to the Cleansing Fountain?
  69. With Jesus as Our Captain
  70. Without Hope What Would This World Be?
  71. Wouldst Thou Have the World for Jesus?
  1. Antananarivo