Jan­u­a­ry 11, 1859, near Ply­mouth, In­di­a­na.

June 20, 1938, Kal­a­ma­zoo, Mi­chi­gan.

Wood­lawn Ce­me­te­ry, For­est Park, Il­li­nois.

John was the son of Her­man Al­leman and Sarah Qui­vey, and hus­band of Lou Wil­son.

He showed a love of mu­sic from child­hood, but had lit­tle op­por­tu­ni­ty for for­mal train­ing, so had to con­tent him­self with stu­dy­ing books on har­mo­ny and com­po­si­tion. He stu­died him­self in­to a suc­cess­ful mu­sic­al ca­reer, be­com­ing a skill­ful di­rect­or, ev­an­gel­is­tic sing­er, and pub­lish­er.

As of 1904, he was liv­ing in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. Cen­sus re­cords show him still there in 1920. He al­so lived in Ben­ton Har­bor, Mi­chi­gan, and Mir­a­bile, Mis­sou­ri.

Alleman’s works in­clude:

  1. Angels Came and Rolled
  2. Are You Rea­dy Should the Bride­groom Come?
  3. Are You Wait­ing for the Com­ing of Your Bless­ed Lord?
  4. At the Cross Where Je­sus Found Me
  5. Beautiful Gates Are Wide Open, The
  6. Breathe upon Us Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
  7. Come to the Liv­ing Wa­ters
  8. Dear Lord, Thy Pre­cious, Pre­cious Love
  9. From North and from South, from the East
  10. Hallelujah, I Will Praise My Sav­ior
  11. Hast Thou a Place, O Lord
  12. How the Hap­py, Hap­py Days Ev­er
  13. I Am Firm­ly Stand­ing on the Rock of Ag­es
  14. I Am Saved To­day from the Tempt­er’s
  15. I Have Wan­dered Far Away
  16. I Must Know the Way I’m Go­ing
  17. I Read of Dark­ness over All the Land
  18. I Shall Ne’er Grow Wea­ry
  19. I’m Grow­ing Old and Fee­ble Now
  20. In Dark­ness and Sor­row I Wan­dered
  21. In Thine Own Time, My Sav­ior, Call
  22. Jesus, Lov­er of My Soul, Now
  23. Let Me Work in Thy Vine­yard
  24. List to the Voice Though Still and Small
  25. Lost, Al­most Lost, What Means
  26. Mighty to Save, He Is Migh­ty to Save
  27. More Like Thee, O Sav­ior, Make Me
  28. My Boat­man Will Car­ry Me Over
  29. My Hope Is Bright Be­yond
  30. Never Again Shall I Pass This Way
  31. No Long­er We’ll Wan­der in Dark­ness and Night
  32. No Room for the Sav­ior
  33. Now as on Life’s Sea I Glide
  34. O Come, Hea­vy Lad­en One, Come
  35. O for a Thou­sand Tongues to Sing
  36. O Sing Me a Song of the Bet­ter Land
  37. O What Shall It Profit Thee?
  38. On Which Side Will You Be Found?
  39. Once a War­ri­or, Brave and Bold
  40. One Lit­tle Talk with Thee, Sav­ior
  41. Only a Work­er, Rea­dy I Stand
  42. Only the Blood of Je­sus Avail­eth
  43. Ope the Win­dows To­ward the Ci­ty
  44. Over the Bor­der Land
  45. Redeemed, I’m Stand­ing on the Thresh­old
  46. Soldiers of Christ, the Bat­tle Rag­es
  47. Some Day
  48. Spread the News Be­yond the Wave
  49. There Is Glo­ry in My Soul, Hal­le­lu­jah
  50. There’s a Strang­er at the Door
  51. Think Not, Sin­ner Dear, You’re Alone
  52. Thou, O Lord, Will Not For­sake
  53. Throughout Our Wan­der­ing Here Be­low
  54. To the Fount of Cleans­ing Have You Been?
  55. We Are March­ing on, Ev­er March­ing
  56. We Are March­ing to the Land of Eter­nal Rest
  57. We Are March­ing To­ward a Bet­ter Land
  58. We Read With­in the Bless­ed Word
  59. What Will My Wel­come Be Yon­der?
  60. When at Last from Earth I Pass Away
  61. When Friends For­sake and Faith­less
  62. When from Sor­row Free
  63. When We Meet Him
  64. Where Du­ty Calls, There I Would Be
  65. Where’er I Go No Fear I Know
  66. Wheresoe’er Thy Du­ty Calls Thee
  67. While Wan­der­ing Away from Home
  68. Will You Come to the Cleans­ing Foun­tain?
  69. With Je­sus as Our Cap­tain
  70. Without Hope What Would This World Be?
  71. Wouldst Thou Have the World for Je­sus?
  1. Antananarivo