November 25, 1875, McLennan County, Texas.

December 24, 1972, Tahoka, Texas.

Tahoka Cemetery, Tahoka, Texas.


A member of the Church of Christ, Allphin wrote religious music, piano solos, and band marches. Later in life, he was a tax accountant. His works include:

  1. All Glory and Honor to Jesus Forever
  2. All Glory and Honor to Jesus, My King
  3. All Is Well, My Savior Leads Me
  4. All Praise Be to Jesus, the King of All Kings
  5. Amid the Cares of Life
  6. As We Tread This Vale Below
  7. As You Journey Onward Through This Vale Below
  8. As You Travel Day by Day
  9. As You Travel Through This Land
  10. Bear the Tidings of Salvation
  11. Behold the Harvest, Now White
  12. Behold What Wondrous Love Is This
  13. Blessed Savior, Now, We Pray
  14. Brother, the Lord Bids You
  15. Brother, What of the Seed You Are Sowing?
  16. Call Now Comes for Reapers, The
  17. Call of Death’s Solemn Sound
  18. Can We Count on You in the Master’s Work?
  19. Come Ye Now, Saith God
  20. For Us the Savior’s Life Was Given
  21. Go Ye, Said the Savior, into All the World
  22. Hark, the Master Calls for Reapers
  23. Have You Grown Weary on Life’s Rugged
  24. Hear Him Pleading
  25. Hear the Clarion Call Ringing
  26. I Am on My Pilgrim Journey
  27. I Am Thinking of That Country
  28. I Am Walking by My Savior’s Side
  29. I Do Not Ask to See the Way
  30. I Have a Sure Foundation
  31. I Hear a Voice from Realms Above
  32. I Want to Sing of the Sovereign Grace
  33. I Would Follow My Savior and King
  34. If Our Blessed Lord Is Leading
  35. If You’re Free from Condemnation
  36. I’ll Go Onward Rejoicing
  37. I’ll Never Forget the Happy Day
  38. I’m Dwelling with Jesus, My Savior and King
  39. In Battle Royal, Like Soldiers Loyal
  40. In the Light of the Gospel
  41. I’ve a Friend Whose Name Is Jesus
  42. I’ve Found a Friend, a Precious Friend
  43. Jesus Forsook His Heavenly Glory
  44. Jesus, Shepherd, Tender, Kind
  45. Let Us Go Work in the Harvest Today
  46. Let Us Now with Songs of Gladness
  47. Let Us Scatter Sunshine All Along Life’s Way
  48. Line Is Drawn Today, A
  49. Lo the Fields Now Are Ripe for Harvest
  50. Look on the Hill the Valley and Plain
  51. Lord Is My Refuge, The
  52. Master Is Calling for Reapers Today, The
  53. Multitudes Once Came, The
  54. My Once Sinful Heart Was Deluded
  55. My Savior Dear, My Guide and Stay
  56. My Savior Is Calling
  57. My Savior Leads Me On
  58. No Thought of Sadness We’ll Ever Know
  59. Now the Day Is Fast Declining
  60. O Sing to Me the Sweet, Sweet Story
  61. O Sleeper, Awake, Make No Delay
  62. Of the Great Salvation
  63. Old, Old Story, The
  64. Once I Was Traveling the Downward Road
  65. Only in Jesus, the Father’s Own Son
  66. Our Guide Book Is the Word of God
  67. Our Savior Has Said That He’ll Never Forsake
  68. Over Death’s Silent River
  69. Pilgrim of Earth, a Stranger Am I, A
  70. Reapers, Rise, Lift Your Eyes
  71. Scatter the Seed of Faith
  72. Send the Blessed Gospel Story
  73. Since I My Savior’s Call Obeyed
  74. Sing On
  75. Somebody Knows All Your Grief and Woe
  76. Somebody’s Frail Barque Was Drifting Away
  77. Sometime I Shall Be Called
  78. Strive to Scatter Sunshine
  79. Tell Me of the Savior Who on Calvary Died
  80. The Savior Is Calling, Dear Sinner, Today
  81. There Are Many Who Are Strangers
  82. There Is a Bright and Beautiful Mansion
  83. There Is a Home of Rest, Waiting for All
  84. There Is a Place Within
  85. There Is Work for Earnest Toilers
  86. There’s a Home of Pure Delight
  87. There’s a Light That Shines on Our Pathway Here
  88. There’s a Wonderful Hope That Is Sure
  89. There’s a Wondrous Theme Ringing
  90. Though in Life I’m Sorely Burdened with Care
  91. Though My Life Hath Many Sorrows
  92. Though Trials Oft We Here Must Bear
  93. Through This Dreary Life
  94. ’Tis My Lord Who Knows All My Griefs and Woes
  95. ’Tis unto Thee, My Lord, Will I
  96. To a Land of Rest
  97. ’Twas in His Death, That Christ, the Lord
  98. ’Twas Jesus, Our Savior, Who Suffered and Died
  99. Unto Jesus Firmly I Here Will Cling
  100. We Are Marching Onward, to That Promised Home
  101. We Are Now upon Our Way
  102. We Are Sailing on Life’s Ocean
  103. We Are Soldiers True and Loyal
  104. We Come Tonight to Sing in Joyful Lays
  105. We’re a Faithful Pilgrim Band
  106. We’re a Happy Pilgrim Band
  107. We’re a Pilgrim Band
  108. What Wonderful Love Had My Savior
  109. When I, from This Life, with Its Sorrow
  110. When Our Earthly Course Is Run
  111. When This Life Is Ended
  112. When You Are Called to the Great
  113. When Your Way Seems Dark and Dreary
  114. Who Will Be for Jesus?
  115. With Christ, My Lord, I’m Daily Walking
  116. With Joy O’erflowing
  117. With My Savior I’m Abiding
  118. Within My Heart There Is a Joyful Song
  119. Workers Are We Happy and Free
  1. Be Ready to Go
  2. Beautiful
  3. Can We Count on You?
  4. Message of the King
  5. There’s No Night There

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