January 14, 1748, Newport, Rhode Island.

February 2, 1784, North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Center Cemetery, North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Henry Alline Monument
Falmouth, Nova Scotia

Alline was for a while a minister at Falmouth, Nova Scotia. He is said to have founded a sect of Allenites (his name is sometimes spelled Allen), who maintained that Adam and Eve before the fall had no corporeal bodies, and denied the resurrection of the body. These peculiar views may have had a place in his prose works, but are not found in his 487 Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in five books, of which the third edition was published in Dover and Boston, Massachusetts, in 1797, and another at Stoningtonport, Connecticut, in 1802.

  1. Adieu to Earth with All Your Joy
  2. All Hail, Thou Lovely Lamb of God
  3. Amazing Sight: The Savior Stands
  4. As Near to Calvary I Pass
  5. Awake, Arise, Ye Stupid Souls
  6. Awake My Soul, with Pleasure Sing
  7. Behold, the Friend Of Sinners Dies
  8. Hard Heart Of Mine!
  9. Hear, O Ye Careless Sinners, Hear
  10. How Oft Unthinking Sailors
  11. I Wander Like a Captive Slave
  12. Now Can My Soul in God Rejoice
  13. O Am I Born to Die?
  14. O, Could My Soul This Morning Rise
  15. O How Distressing Was the Scene
  16. O What a Wretched Sinner, Lord
  17. O What a Wretched Thing
  18. Pilgrims, with Pleasure Let Us Part
  19. Prince of Peace Is Come, The
  20. Shout All Ye Armies of the Sky
  21. Ten Thousand Praises to Thy Name
  22. To Praise the Bleeding Lamb
  23. To Thee Alone, O God, I Call
  24. To Thee, O God, I Call
  25. Turn, Turn, Unhappy Souls, Return
  26. Vain World, I Bid Adieu

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