June 24, 1734, Gayle, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England.

October 31, 1804, Gayle, Yorkshire, England.

Son of Oswald Allen, an ancestor of Oswald Allen, James was educated with a view to taking Holy Orders, first with two different clergymen at different times, and then for one year at St. John’s College, Cambridge. Leaving Cambridge in 1752, he became a follower of Benjamin Ingham, founder of the Inghamite sect. He subsequently joined himself to the Sandemanians, and finally built a chapel on his estate at Gayle, ministering there the rest of his life. He published a small volume, Christian Songs, with 17 hymns, and was the editor and principal contributor to the 1757 Kendal Hymn Book and the Appendix to the second edition in 1761.

  1. Glory to God on High
  2. Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing