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Oc­to­ber 7, 1810, Blooms­bu­ry, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 12, 1871, Can­ter­bu­ry, Kent, Eng­land. For his own ep­i­taph, he wrote: De­ver­sor­i­um vi­a­tor­is pro­fi­ci­en­tis Hier­o­sol­y­mam (The inn of a pil­grim tra­vel­ing to Je­ru­sa­lem).

St. Mar­tin’s, Can­ter­bu­ry, Kent, Engl­and.


Henry was the son of the cu­rate at Stee­ple Ash­ton, Wilt­shire.

Hey wrote the fol­low­ing in his Bible at age 16:

I do this day in the pre­sence of God and my own soul re­new my co­ve­nant with God and so­lemn­ly de­ter­mine hence­forth to be­come his and to do his work as far as in me lies.

Alford at­tend­ed Il­min­ster Gram­mar School and Tri­ni­ty College, Cam­bridge, and was or­dained in 1833.

He was cu­rate at Wink­field, Wilt­shire, and Amp­ton, and vi­car at Wymes­wold, Lei­ces­ter­shire (where he served 18 years). He twice re­fused ap­point­ment as a bi­shop in the col­o­nies. In 1853, he went to Que­bec Cha­pel, Lon­don; in 1857, he be­came dean of Can­ter­bu­ry Ca­thed­ral. He ed­it­ed the Con­tem­po­ra­ry Re­view (1866–70), and wrote nu­mer­ous vol­umes on Ho­mer, Eng­lish po­et­ry, and the Greek New Tes­ta­ment.

His works in­clude:

An Easter Ode

The calm of blessèd night
Is on Judæa's hills;
The full-orbed moon with cloudless light
Is sparkling on their rills:
One spot above the rest
Is still and tranquil seen,
The chamber as of something blest,
Amidst its bowers of green.

Around that spot each way
The figures ye may trace
Of men-at-arms in grim array,
Girding the solemn place:
But other bands are there—
And, glistening through the gloom,
Legions of angels bright and fair
Throng to that wondrous tomb.

“Praise be to God on high
The triumph-hour is near;
The Lord hath won the victory,
The foe is vanquished here!
Dark Grave, yield up the dead—
Give up thy prey, thou Earth;
In death He bowed His sacred head—
He springs anew to birth!

Sharp was the wreath of thorns
Around His suffering brow;
But glory rich His head adorns,
And angels crown Him now.
Roll yonder rock away
That bars the marble gate;
And gather we in bright array
To swell the Victor’s state!’”

“Hail, hail, hail!
The Lord is ris’n indeed!
The curse is made of none avail;
The sons of men are freed!"

Henry Alford (1810–1871)

  1. Brightly Did the Light Divine
  2. Come to Thy Temple, Lord
  3. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
  4. Day of Anger, That Dread Day
  5. Earth Is God’s, the Fullness Too, The
  6. Earth Is Past Away and Gone
  7. First Sad Hours of Shame, The
  8. Forth to the Land of Promise Bound
  9. Forward! Be Our Watchword
  10. Gems Serene, of Heavenly Brilliance
  11. Go Forward in Your Course
  12. God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength
  13. Great Apostle, Called by Grace, The
  14. Hark, Through the Courts of Heaven
  15. Herald in the Wilderness
  16. Highest and the Holiest Place, The
  17. I Know Not if or Dark or Bright
  18. In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear
  19. Jesus Our Lord, Who Tempted Wast
  20. Let the Church of God Rejoice
  21. Lift High the Sound of Thanks and Praise
  22. Lo, the Feast Is Spread Today
  23. Lo, the Storms of Life Are Breaking
  24. Lord Our God Is Full of Might, The
  25. Not in Anything We Do
  26. Now Hath Aris’n the Star of Day
  27. O God, My Heart Is Fixed, ’Tis Bent
  28. O Thou, at Whose Divine Command
  29. O Thou Who Hast Thy Servants Taught
  30. O Why on Death So Bent?
  31. Of All the Honors Man May Wear
  32. Our Year of Grace Is Wearing to a Close
  33. Out of the Deep We Call to Thee
  34. Savior of Them That Trust in Thee
  35. Savior, Thy Father’s Promise Send
  36. Since We Kept the Savior’s Birth
  37. Stand Up Before Your God
  38. Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
  39. Thou Didst Toil My Soul to Gain
  40. Thou That Art the Father’s Word
  41. Thou Who on That Wondrous Journey
  42. Through Israel’s Coasts in Times of Old
  43. Thy Blood, O Christ, Hath Made Our Peace
  44. Voice of One That Cries, The
  45. We Walk by Faith
  46. When Christ the Lord Would Come on Earth
  47. When in the Lord Jehovah’s Name
  48. When, Within Sight of Danger’s Hour
  1. Our Watchword