Gerhard Alexis

April 12, 1889, Swaburg, Nebraska.

May 31, 1927, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Union Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota.


Gerhard was the son of Jo­han­nes N. Alex­is—an itinerant Swed­ish Lu­ther­an minister—and In­grid Swen­son, and husband of Ol­ga Ma­ria Grund.

He dedicated his life to the music of the church as an organist, composer, arranger, singer and choral conductor.

His early studies and positions led him from Rock Island, Il­li­nois; Ish­pem­ing, Michigan; and Lin­coln, Ne­bras­ka, where he studied at the University School of Music and played the organ at the First Lu­theran Church (1911–14).

During this time, he traveled Amer­i­ca and Sweden with three of his four brothers as the Alex­is Male Quartet. They gave concerts that included vocal solos, duets and quartets; organ, piano and flute works, as well as dramatic recitations.

His studies in organ, voice and composition continued at the Royal Musical Conservatory in Stock­holm, Swe­den, after which he returned to Amer­i­ca for a church organist post in New Br­itain, Con­nec­ti­cut.

In 1916, he accepted the position of organist and choirmaster at First Lu­ther­an Church in St. Paul, Min­ne­so­ta, where he and his wife Ol­ga raised their three children.

In addition to his duties at First Lu­theran, he served as professor of music at the Min­ne­so­ta College’s School of Music, and at Pha­len Lu­ther Seminary. Gerhard also taught privately and performed publicly throughout the Amer­i­can Midwest as an organist and singer.

He was a member of the St. Paul Federation of Lu­ther­an Brotherhood’s Male Quartet, and was a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists.

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