March 13, 1804, Hopewell, Virginia.

July 31, 1859, Sweet Springs, Virginia.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey.

Brother to Joseph Alexander, James graduated from Princeton University in 1820. Ordained in 1827, he served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Trenton, New Jersey (1829–32). He became Professor of Rhetoric at Princeton (1833); pastor of the Duane Street Presbyterian Church, New York (1844); Professor of Church History at Princeton (1849); and pastor of the 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York (1851). His works include:

  1. Come, Children, Thank the Lord
  2. Jesus’ Holy Cross and Dying
  3. Near the Cross Our Station Taking
  4. Near the Cross Was Mary Weeping
  5. When I See the Hanging, Bleeding
  6. When No Eye Its Pity Gave Us
  1. Go Forth, My Heart and Seek for Praise
  2. Great God! Thy Judgments Endless Right Disclose
  3. I Leave Thee Not, Thou Art My Jesus Ever
  4. Jesus, How Sweet Thy Memory Is
  5. Lord, How Shall I Be Meeting
  6. Now the Crucible Is Breaking
  7. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded