April 24, 1809, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

January 28, 1860, Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey.

Brother of James Alexander, and a minister of the Presbyterian Church, Joseph graduated at Princeton in 1826, became Adjunct Professor of Latin in 1833, and Associate Professor of Biblical Literature in 1838.

Alexander was a great Hebraist, and published commentaries on Isaiah and the Psalms. His poem, The Doomed Man, was written for, and first published in, the Sunday School Journal, Philadelphia, April 5, 1837. It has striking merit, but moves in one of those doctrinal circles which hymns generally avoid. Parts of it are found as hymns in a few Calvinistic collections, as, There Is a Time, We Know Not When, in the New York Church Praise Book, 1881, number 288. This is sometimes given with the second stanza, There is a line, by us unseen, as in Nason’s Collection, and Robinson’s Songs for the Sanctuary, 1865.

  1. Beware! O Soul, Beware!
  2. O Hear the Voice of Jesus