April 24, 1809, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

January 28, 1860, Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey.

Brother of James Al­ex­ander, and a minister of the Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, Jo­seph graduated from Prince­ton in 1826, became Adjunct Professor of Latin in 1833, and Associate Professor of Biblical Literature in 1838.

Alexander was a great He­bra­ist, and published commentaries on Isai­ah and the Psalms. His poem, The Doomed Man, was written for, and first published in, the Sunday School Journal, Phil­a­del­phia, April 5, 1837. It has striking merit, but moves in one of those doctrinal circles which hymns generally avoid. Parts of it are found as hymns in a few Cal­vin­is­tic collections, as, There Is a Time, We Know Not When, in the New York Church Praise Book, 1881, number 288. This is sometimes given with the second stanza, There is a line, by us unseen, as in Na­son’s Collection, and Ro­bin­son’s Songs for the Sanc­tu­ary, 1865.

  1. Beware! O Soul, Beware!
  2. O Hear the Voice of Jesus