Au­gust 16, 1818, King­ston up­on Hull, Hum­ber­side, Eng­land.

March 18, 1889, Heath (near Wake­field), West York­shire, Eng­land.

Kirk­thorpe, West York­shire, Eng­land.

Eliza was the sis­ter of com­pos­er John Bac­chus Dykes.

In 1850, she mar­ried Rev­er­end W. Al­der­son, cha­plain to the West Rid­ing House of Cor­rec­tion, Wake­field. It was there she wrote the ma­jor­i­ty of her hymns.

  1. And Now, Be­lov­èd Lord, Thy Soul Re­sign­ing
  2. Grant Us Hearts, Dear Lord, to Yield Thee
  3. Lord of Glo­ry, Who Hast Bought Us

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