March 6, 1624, Unter-Nessa (near Weißenfels), Saxony.

May 25, 1679, Naumburg, Saxony. The Latin inscription placed on his tombstone by his son reads:

Cum viveret, moriebatur, et nunc cum mortuus vivit, quia sciebat, quod vita via sit mortis et mors vitae introitus.

Eldest son of pastor Zacharias Albinus, Johann was, after his father’s death, adopted by his cousin, Lucas Pollio, diaconus at St. Nicholas’ Church in Leipzig. After Pollio’s death in 1643, the court preacher, Sebastian Mitternach of Naumburg, took an interest in Johann, who remained at Naumburg until entering the University of Leipzig in 1645. He studied eight years there, during which time he acted as house tutor to the Burgermeister, Dr. Friedrich Kühlwein. In 1653, he was appointed rector of the Cathedral School in Naumburg. He resigned the post in 1657 to become pastor of St. Othmar’s Church in Naumburg.

  1. Alle Menschen müssen sterben
    • All Men Living Are but Mortal
    • All Must Die! There’s No Redemption
    • All That’s Human Still Must Perish
    • Death o’er All His Sway Maintaineth
    • Hark! A Voice Saith, All Are Mortal
    • ’Tis God’s Decree That All Shall Die
  2. Straf mich nicht in deinem Zorn
    • Cast Me Not in Wrath Away
    • In Thine Anger Smite Me Not
    • Lord! Withdraw the Dreadful Storm
    • Not in Anger, Mighty God
    • Not in Anger, Lord, Thou Wilt
    • Not in Anger Smite Us, Lord
    • O Do Not Against Me, Lord
  3. Welt, Ade! Ich bin deine müde
    • World, Farewell, My Soul Is Weary
    • World, Farewell! Of Thee I’m Tired