February 11, 1865, Plainfield, Indiana.

May 14, 1959, Kings County, New York.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Charles was the son of Ben­ja­min Al­bert­son and Mar­tha El­ma Bow­man. He married twice, to Flor­ence Ro­mer and Per­me­lia Hogg.

A minister of the Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal Church, he served in the North In­di­a­na Conference; Er­ie Conference; Gen­e­see (now Western New York) Conference; and the Phil­a­del­phia Conference (1888–1903).

From 1892–95 he was at the First Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal Church, James­town, Penn­syl­van­ia. In 1904 he moved to the Pres­by­ter­ian denomination. He received his DD degree in 1899, and was the 1910 commencement speaker at Syr­a­cuse Un­ivvervsi­ty, New York. When his first wife, Flor­ence, died in 1926, he was pas­tor at the La­fay­ette Avenue Pres­byvter­i­an Church in Brook­lyn, New York.

His works include:

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