June 28, 1604, Lobenstein, Vogtland, Germany.

October 6, 1651, Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia).

Albert attended the Gymnasium in Gera, then in 1622 became a pupil of his uncle Heinrich Schütz in Dresden. He then studied law in Leipzig for three years. Moving to Königsberg in 1626, he was traveling with an embassy to Warsaw, but on the road was taken prisoners by the Swedes, and did not return until 1628, after enduring many hardships.

The study of law had no charm for him, and he abandoned it on being chosen organist of the Cathedral of Königsberg in 1632, continuing his musical studies under Stobäus.

He composed almost 200 pieces, including motets and allegorical dramas. His works were published in Musicalische Kürbs-Hütte and other volumes from 1638 through 1650. He was also a gifted poet, and wrote words for many of the songs which he set to music.

  1. Der rauhe Herbst kommt wieder
    • Autumn Is Returning, The
    • Sad Autumn’s Moan Returneth
  2. Gott des Himmels und der Erden
    • God of Mercy and of Might
    • God, the Lord of What’s Created
    • God, Thou Lord of Earth and Heaven
    • God, Who Heaven and Earth Upholdest
    • God Who Madest Earth and Heaven
    • Maker of the Earth and Heaven
  1. Albert