Lizzie Akers

September 10, 1866, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

March 26, 1953, Bellwood, Pennsylvania.

Logan Valley Cemetery, Bellwood, Pennsylvania.

Lizzie was the daughter of Rev­er­end Jo­seph Ben­son Ak­ers (1829–89), of the Meth­od­ist Central Penn­syl­van­ia Conference, and Hen­ri­et­ta Gal­li­gher Ak­ers.

Lizzie’s mother died when she was seven years old, and she developed juvenile arthritis in her lower extremities at age 11. Graduating from Wil­liams­port Dick­in­son Sem­in­ary (now Ly­com­ing College) in 1885, she settled in Bell­wood, Penn­syl­van­ia, and worked for the Al­too­na Tribune for three decades, then served as the Bell­wood tax collector, and worked as a seamstress. And, for 64 years, she served in the Cradle Roll Department at the Bell­wood Meth­od­ist Church.

  1. Come, Oh, Come to Me
  2. Easter Bells
  3. Hear the Savior Calling
  4. Onward, Upward, We Are Little Pilgrims
  5. Bells of Hope Ring in My Soul, The
  6. Lord Hath Said That He Will Guide, The
  7. There Is Joy in Serving Jesus

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