May 21, 1923, Brookfield, Missouri.

July 26, 1995, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Akers’ family moved to Kirksville, Missouri, when she was five years old. A self taught musician, she wrote her first Gospel song at age 10. As a teenager, she formed a band called Dot Akers and Her Swingsters. After moving to Los Angeles, California, she played for the Sallie Martin Singers, then formed her own group with Dorothy Simmons, the Simmons-Akers Singers. Later, she was soloist and director for the Sky Pilot Choir in Los Angeles. She was also associated with the Full Gospel Church, Columbus, Ohio.

Akers wrote some 300 Gospel songs in her lifetime. She was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

  1. God Is So Good to Me
  2. Grow Closer
  3. How Big Is God?
  4. I Want a Double Portion of God’s Love (1947)
  5. Lead Me, Guide Me
  6. Lord, Don’t Move the Mountain
  7. There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit
  8. Sweet Jesus
  9. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
  10. You Can’t Beat God Giving