October 9, 1897, Sebeka, Minnesota.

December 12, 1973, Miami, Florida.

Riverside Cemetery, Painesville, Ohio.

Gustaf was the son of Ja­cob An­til­la Aho and Wil­hel­mi­na Ju­uti, and hus­band of Hel­ia Tuik­ka.

Remembered as a hymn translator, he was educated at the National Evangelical Lutheran Church Seminary, Ir­on­wood, Mi­chi­gan, and was ordained in 1921.

He served as pastor of the First Evangelical Lu­ther­an Church, Ely, Min­ne­so­ta (1926–34); other locations in New Jer­sey, New York, Min­ne­so­ta, Ohio, and On­tar­io; president of the Fin­nish American Evangelical Lu­ther­an National Church; and chaplain of the East Ridge Retirement Village, Mi­a­mi, Flor­i­da (1968–72).

  1. Morning Sun Is Brightly Beaming, The

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